Andrew Begg
Director of Photography
and Camera Operator

I have been working in the industry since 1998 and have considerable experience shooting broadcast documentaries, adverts, music promos and dramas. I regularly use RED Epic, HDCam, Alexa and Panasonic kits and I own an FS7 Camera with prime lenses. I have a full, clean driving licence.


Digital World

Company: The Gate Films
Director: Abby Warrilow and Lewis Gourlay
Date: Sep 2015.
Director of Photography

Digital World is an advert to promote careers in the digital technology industry in Scotland.

Kit: FS7

East Kilbride Shopping Centre Advert

Company: The Gate Films
Director: Abby Warrilow and Lewis Gourlay
Date: Sep 2015.
Director of Photography

Fashion advert broadcast in the UK which utilised split screen to turn one model into three. Shot in Gosford House near Edinburgh on a Sony F55.

Kit: Sony F55

The Day Hitler Died

Company: Finestripe
Broadcaster: ITV
Director: Craig Collinson
Date: Aug 2015.
Director of Photography

As Russian and Allied forces surrounded Berlin in 1945, Hitler took refuge in a bunker beneath the crumbling city. What exactly happened in that claustrophobic labyrinth has long been a mystery. This film depicts Hitler's final days, detailed through never-before-seen interviews with the men and women who were with him during those last desperate moments. These recordings, lost for decades, but recently found in an archive in Pittsburgh, tell the untold story of the Fuhrer's final days, in the words of the people who were there.

The bunker were shot in a set at Film Citty in Glasgow. The set was enclosed so we could shoot 360 degrees and move through the set with complete freedom.

Kit: Sony FS7

The Truth About Midges

Company: BBC
Broadcaster: BBC
Director: Colin Murray
Date: Jun 2015.
Director of Photography

Hour long BBC Science documentary about the great Scottish Midge. How the insect lives, feeds and its effect on Scottish life and tourism in the Highlands

Kit: Canon C300

Arnold Clark Advert

Company: STV Creative
Broadcaster: STV
Director: Raych Campbell
Date: Feb 2015.
Director of Photography

Advert for car company Arnold Clark. Shot on location in Glasgow using motion control photography. I configured the motion control head to shoot a shot with and without a car in the scene which then allowed post-production to paint out the car. This produced the invisible car effect which the director called for.

Kit: Red Scarlet at 4K

Commonwealth Games Countdown

Company: Jack Morton
Director: Daniel Warren
Date: Jun 2014.
Director of Photography

Director of Photography on the 4K video content for the Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony

Kit: Sony F55 shooting raw

Dark Nature

Company: Mandragora Productions
Director: Marc de Launay
Date: Oct 2008.
Director of Photography

Won the HDFEST Deffie Award for Best Cinematography in a Feature 2009. Dark Nature is a dark, tense thriller in which a young woman fights to protect her family when they come under attack while on holiday at a remote location in the Scottish Highlands. Shown at Film Festivals Internationally and DVD release worldwide

Kit: HDCam

Culloden Battle Memorial Film

Company: NoblesGate Productions
Broadcaster: National Trust (Scotland)
Director: Craig Collinson
Date: Apr 2007.
Director of Photography

A four screened film, which surrounds the viewer, and plays in a dedicated cinema in the Culloden Exhibition Centre near Inverness. The screens produce a shocking 360 view of the battle. The shoot involved hundreds of extras, weaponry, explosives and extensive use of location green screens to facilitate crowd reproduction

Kit: Panasonic DVCProHD

The Last Duel - Timewatch

Company: Noblesgate Productions
Broadcaster: BBC
Director: Craig Collinson
Date: Jul 2006.
Director of Photography

Historical Drama Documentary telling the story of two men whose quarrel drove them to a duel with pistols. The documentary is set in 1826 and used extensive reconstruction to tell the story of duelling and how these two men felt forced, by honour, to fight to the death. Shot on location in Scotland for the BBC and it's Timewatch documentary strand

Kit: Digibeta

The Ripper Hoaxer: Wearside Jack

Company: Noblesgate Productions
Broadcaster: Channel 4
Director: Craig Collinson
Date: May 2006.
Director of Photography

Documentary set in the 1970s and concerns the Yorkshire Ripper, the large scale police hunt that surrounded him and the hoaxer who pretended to be the ripper and misdirected the investigation. Large sets of a 1970s police station and the hoaxer's home were built as part of the reconstruction of the events. Wide night exteriors and car mounts were also employed in telling the story of the ripper

Kit: HDCam


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