Andrew Begg

Director of Photography
Lighting Cameraperson

m: +44 7977 005280

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I've loved cameras, photography and film making since I was wee and started making films in my back garden with a Super 8 camera when I was 6. After graduating with a degree in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Edinburgh, where I was particularly interested in computer vision and graphics, I began my career in television and film making.

I now have over 25 years of experience in

I enjoy working collaboratively to capture images that are beautiful, fit the brief and edit seamlessly.

Email me on to talk over your production or a copy of my CV.
I like to be involved in all stages of production. Involvement in pre-production is beneficial as it allows time to plan, advise on the shoot and take full advantage of opportunities and troubleshoot any potential issues. I also enjoy being part of post-production and the grading processes to produce a brilliant looking film.

I'm happy both leading or working as part of a team but I'm also comfortable and confident to work alone. I'm diligent, patient, respectful, bring a friendly and positive outlook to work and enjoy meeting and working with cast and crew.

I've worked with many different cameras, formats, lenses and camera mounts. I'm a bit of a geek and happy to advise about frame rates, LUTs, video encodings and technical stuff. In my spare time I enjoy shooting medium format stills, timelapses and filming on old video formats.

I've worked across Scotland, the wider UK, Europe, the USA and Asia. I've a full clean UK driving licence and I am comfortable driving camera vans and driving abroad.
I have two camera kits:

  • A RED Komodo 6K camera with a set of regular primes lens and a set of 4 anamorphic lenses to shoot 2:35 widescreen. The camera shoots Prores or RAW upto 6K resolution.

  • A Sony FS7 with prime and zoom lenses.
I also have interview lighting, client and director monitors, black drapes, laptop to copy rushes and transport.

I have good relationships with local camera and lighting hire firms and can facilitate the hire of other cameras and kit.